Best Wheel Measure

So with the potential frustrations of hooking the tape measure onto an object, the measuring wheel doesn’t require that. Measuring is as simple as wheeling alongside the object. 

Pros: The measuring wheel allows for an easy measurement for one person to complete. It works well when the side of the house has many objects alongside it (landscaping or debris).

Cons: Often because of the terrain, measuring wheels may ‘skip’ and throw off a measurement. Some appraisers may put the measuring whee directly on the house and wheel along the house to avoid this situation. This too may throw off the measurement if the wheel has any float to it (up and down movement). 

Depending on how accurate you’re looking to be either solution may work for you but it is our recommendation that both are inferior to a laser measure. They are inferior to the laser measure primarily due to a reason that hasn’t been stated yet – time. The time it takes to measure a property with a laser in comparison to a tape or wheel has been in our experience a complete time saver. 

As appraisers, we want to be thorough, but also be efficient. There is a way to satisfy both without compromising the other. To be efficient we as appraisers need to save time where we can. A laser can literally save 5-15 minutes on each inspection. How many inspections are you completing a month? What is your time worth? These are questions you will want to ask yourself in deciding if a laser measure is for you. Regardless however, the measuring tape or wheel should be carried even as an ancillary tool to the laser. Your batteries can die on an inspection. Then what?  

Best Wheel Measure For Appraisers

Now regardless if the wheel measure is ancillary or a primary measuring tool. You need to find a wheel measuring tool that is no larger than 6″ in diameter or so. The reason is if you will be using this indoors, it becomes hard to get to the corner of a room and be accurate with a larger wheel. Larger wheels are ideal for outdoor use. I do know of appraisers who use a wheel measure right on the side of a building or home and measure.