The Ultimate Tool Belt for Inspectors and Appraisers: Embrace the Convenience, Ditch the Clumsiness

Hey there, fellow appraisers and inspectors alike! Let’s face it: we can be a stubborn bunch, often sticking to our old ways like a trusty old flashlight clings to its last glimmer of battery life. But let’s talk about a game-changer that might just make you reconsider your stance on adaptability: the mighty tool belt.

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Picture this: you’re on an inspection, juggling a smartphone, flashlight, pen, shoe covers, and an infrared thermometer. Sounds like a circus act, right? Well, it’s time to drop the juggling act and embrace the art of convenience. Enter the tool belt, your new best friend that’s about to make your life a whole lot easier.

Why a Tool Belt?

So I have been mocked by colleagues only to see them eventually come to using a tool belt. Why did they change? Because the belt streamlines an appraisal inspection!

No More Pocket Tetris: Gone are the days of shoving items into every available pocket, only to perform a frantic search-and-rescue mission for that elusive pen.

Everything is at your fingertips. Need your flashlight? Bam! It’s right there. Shoe covers to slap on prior to home entry? here’s a clean pair! Infrared thermometer? Voila! No more fumbling around like you’re searching for the last piece of popcorn in the bag.

Look Like a Pro

Now the argument that a tool belt looks more industrious than professional has to go, you can assort these tool pouch to your liking while maintaining a professional look. Let’s be honest, nothing screams “I’ve got this” like a well-organized tool belt. It’s like wearing a badge of efficiency. I personally enjoy having everything on hand throughout the entire inspection. I will say that I carry more than the average appraiser, but you will never see me going back out to the car and interrupting my inspection process because I have it all on hand while having free hands to work.

Best Tool Pouch For Appraisers

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I have covered this in another post regarding the best way to proctect your laser measure because a pouch will definitely secure that laser measure while making it ridiculously easy to access. I add coiled tethers (check amazon) so that I can never leave it behind. I also cut them to size so if I drop my laser measure, it wont hit the ground.

The Dickies 8-Pocket Tool Belt is hands down the best working tool belt for home inspections. I carry a lot in there and its effortless to do and I always have it on hand day after day!

What Does the AppraiserGear Appraiser Carry in His Tool Pouch?

  • Disto D810 in open pouch tethered to belt
  • Infrared Temperature Tool – (easy way to show in photos if utilities are on and operable)
  • Business Cards – They are within a case
  • Pens – Certain pens do best for all weather
  • ID – Identification on a lanyard. It stays stowed in the pouch until I go on inspection.
  • Shoe Covers – Do not be that unprofessional appraiser who tracks dirt and debris into a homeowners property.
  • Magnetic Flood lights on Carabiners – useful backup lights that you can recharge and stick on the bag.
  • Smart Phone Clipped to Bag – Easy to access and stow

Now, not all tool belts are created equal. You want something that can withstand the rigors of the job. The Dickies Tool Pouch is adjustable and very compartmentalized for you to add more to the bag. The padded belt makes wearing it a breeze.

Not to belabor the point but because of its layout, all the tools are very accessible. A good belt should allow you to grab what you need without looking. If it feels like you’re playing blindfolded Marco Polo, it’s not the right belt.


So, dear inspectors and appraisers, it’s time to step into the future (or at least into a more organized present). A tool belt isn’t just a piece of equipment; it’s a lifestyle upgrade. Say goodbye to the days of pocket chaos and hello to a smoother, more efficient way of working. Who knows, you might even crack a smile when you realize how much easier your inspections have become.

You may think its too industrious but when you start shaving 10 minutes or so on each inspection just because you are more organized and have items on hand, you’ll thank yourself for making a great choice. Embrace the tool belt, and let the efficiency begin!