Best iPad Case for Real Estate Appraisers and Home Inspectors

Appraisers have ‘Total for Mobile’. Home inspectors have similar in-field apps such as FastFieldForms. These have been complete game changers when completing the field inspection portion of the job. Real estate appraising has gone to a more paperless workflow and an essential tool has been the iPad or smartphone. Best iPad Case For Appraisers



While many appraisers still utilize a smartphone, the iPad offers a refined appeal to the appraiser on the job site however carrying an iPad can be cumbersome especially if you have to walk around a property. The iPad case for field inspectors and appraisers is a case that has a shoulder strap and a hand loop on it. This case makes it easy to test utilities, operate appliances and navigate throughout the property with ease.

Admittedly, the iPad Pro or iPad are pricy tools to have in the field. A proper case that protects the device from the elements cannot be overlooked. Shock resistant, screen protected and offers a professional and industrious look to yourself on the property. If you remain a paper-and-pencil appraiser, you are missing out on a very efficient way to conduct the field portion of the job. Inspection times have been reportedly more thorough and swift with the use of a mobile device. The smartphone can easily do the same job, but does it offer the same professional look as a full on tablet? Maybe, maybe not. If you have had any consideration in joining the mobile appraiser ranks, give it a try on a few inspections. You’ll likely never look back.