Best Gloves For Appraisers

COVID 19 and Appraiser PPE

Crazy times are happening across the world. With COVID-19 and the working professionals that enter peoples homes daily, you never know what to expect.

Time to suit up in a hazmat suit and start appraising homes!
Hazmat appraiser

Joking aside, whether you are a home inspector, real estate appraiser, technician or electrician. Anyone who has a job that requires entry into another person’s home in the times of today can be a challenge. Like anything, the viewpoints to the validity of this pandemic vary and at times are points of contention. With that being said however, when it comes to another person’s home our feelings and contentions take a back seat to the homeowner’s needs and comfort.

This article initially was intended for the best gloves for appraisers to wear in the cold however with this added pandemic element, the review will elaborate into hand PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that is suitable for COVID-19. Please note that this is not medical advice, and should not be construed as such. Further, wearing a hazmat suit into a homeowners house may likely offend them. Please don’t be that appraiser.

Best Gloves for Appraisers and COVID-19

We have tested glove wearing during this pandemic time. Most are familiar with standard nitrile or vinyl gloves. These disposable gloves are honestly likely the most affordable gloves to buy when wearing pairs daily. For those mobile appraisers out there, nitrile gloves work with smartphones and tablets!  This is by far the most massive perk of the gloves. This way, if you are conducting your inspection with your tablet or smartphone, you can complete unhindered and still show your deference to the homeowner.

appraiser disposable gloves


Appraisers Gloves for Cold Weather

Being a New England Appraiser, the cold weather can be intolerable at times. Honestly the best improvement (second to converting to a mobile appraiser) that has improved the inspection process was wearing gloves on cold days. Its all about protecting those extremities. Now that my hands stay warm even on the coldest days through the inspection process, my attitude has lifted into a more positive direction. Protecting the extremities can completely aide in your overall comfort.

Now initially no gloves were worn as they often got in the way of the smartphone until an investment was made on some touch screen compliant gloves.

These are just generic insulated polyester gloves that cost less than $10 when purchased. Amazon sells this glove and because is so thin while still able to hold in heat, this glove is the best cold weather glove for appraisers and inspectors alike.

The palm-side of these gloves provide adequate grip and work very well with Disto laser measures, pencil and paper and smartphones because they are so sleek. There are more rugged gloves on the market however the elegance of the black in our opinion provides a more refined appeal. For a more industrious look and quality there are several brands that provide heavy duty rubber and insulation but is it really needed for real estate professionals? Amazon basics has a semi-disposable set of touch screen gloves. That are more affordable however it will take away from the professional persona. If you have not read our information regarding the personas for inspections – please read. With a professional persona, a slim set of touch gloves do just dandy for the cold weather – simply unobstructed bliss.