Gloves For Outdoor Cold Weather Inspections

From professionals, tradesmen to the casual walker, having gloves that are not too bulky however keep the hands warm is extremely important. Not entirely sure if you can relate, but having cold hands on the job site makes for a miserable home inspection. The two main considerations is making sure the gloves are not bulky and offer the ability to use a tablet or smartphone.

Most gloves are windproof. Stick to the two recommendations: Sleek pair (not bulky) and are touchscreen gloves.

These gloves are used daily for home inspections. They are easy to stow away in your work pouch after use because they are so slim let they hold an incredible amount of heat in. Using your smart phone, laser measure or even having to write on your clipboard, this glove is slim for the win! Loosely related to this topic is a heated vest or jacket. While I do not use one for home inspections, I do enjoy having a heated jacket for personal use. Having a USB port within the jacket can be a great save at times if you need to charge your phone. There’s no going cold with these options.

Milwaukee gloves like the Free-Flex allow for good dexterity while still having tough and protection. I would say there not as good in extremely cold weather however their swiping and touch abilities work very well.