Best Stool For Appraisers

For FHA/HUD assignments, one of the more arduous task during the inspection process is to complete an inspection of the attic space. If there is a pulldown set of stairs great. If there’s a flight of stairs leading into the attic, even better?

But what if access to the attic is limited to a scuttle only? How can an inspector or an appraiser gain access even within the most tightest of quarters?

Our recommendation has always been a telescopic ladder. They’re only about 20 lbs. and have a weight rating of over 300 pounds. They do the job and carrying them into a customer’s home is not as cumbersome as other’s ladders would be. What if even this option is too bulky for the inspection? Welcome the retractable stool. This product has yet to be tried on the job however we are looking forward to utilizing this because its incredibly lightweight – less than 5 pounds!

Retractable Stool For Home Inspections

According to the product description, some retractable stools have a load capacity exceeding 400 pounds.

The reason this stool is being showcased is that an appraiser’s ladder is solemnly and is also the heaviest item an appraiser or inspector will be carrying with them on home inspections. The fact that the retractable stool is only a few pounds is very exciting. Having this as a spare in the car will be of a benefit as well. With a sling, the stool will be easy to have on hand.

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