Best Laser Measure For Appraisers

Best Laser Measure For Appraisers

One of the most relied upon tools for real estate appraiser, contractors, carpenters and alike are our measuring tools. While some prefer the measuring tape or wheel, the laser measure is unequivocally the most efficient tool an appraiser can have in the field. Please visit the appraiser essentials page where the must-have items for real estate appraisers is provided. In this review, I cover the best laser measure for fieldwork.

Snapshot Skim – Top Laser Measuring Devices

  1. : Disto D810Most Features, Touch screen, Lithium-Ion Batteries, LCD with Camera
  2. : Disto E7500i – Most Rugged, LCD display of Target,
  3. : Bosch Blaze GLM50C – Affordable 165 Ft Laser by Bosch
  4. : Disto E7100i – Affordable Laser by Leica Disto


Best Laser Measure – Leica Disto D810

Perks of the Leica Disto D810 Laser Measure

  • Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries
  • Camera with View Finder
  • Incredible distances – Over 800′ range
  • Over 19 advanced measurement features

Speaking to several appraisers, they claim that they like their laser measure because the “red dot” is brighter. Personally testing several different laser measuring devices, the red dot difference is nominal. The real difference is if the laser measure provides an LCD display of the target. For this reason, the best laser measure for appraisers I recommend is the Leica Disto D810

Especially if you are an appraiser in a southern D810 laser camerastate with lots of sunshine, the red dot is hard to see when in direct sunlight. The red sunglasses may help slightly, but nothing in comparison to having a screen showing you with cross hairs if you are hitting your target. Most of the time, appraisers are casting their measurement into a fold in the siding where it tends to be dark, so it’s rare that we may need to utilize the LCD camera display but simply having that option is crucial.

Tacklife GreenGreen Light Lasers:  These lasers are becoming more common as they are new to the marketplace. The reason why I mention green light lasers for measuring is because green lasers are the exception to brightness as they are far superior when it comes to brightness in comparison to red laser measures. Because the green color is closer to the center of the visible light spectrum, green completely out performs red dot lasers for brightness. That being said however: currently Tacklife and Sydney tools provide a solution but neither one provides a camera. The camera is Not only helpful for having the imaged stored on the device to recall a measurement, but it works in all conditions and most importantly, you can zoom in which provides a superior utility.


The Top Disto laser measure devices for appraisers are the Disto D810 and the Disto E7500i laser measure. Both are well equipped with functionality however the D810 is superior in the following ways:


Both provide several means of measuring and more importantly the D810 is equipped with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery so it is truly a hassle free device. However, being that its professional grade, please see our recommendations on tethering the device to a tool belt. This tool is so valuable that we recommend that it is permanently tethered to your tool belt so that it’s not left on a job site.

The Disto D810 provides sly ways for measuring a property that appraisers can take advantage of daily. A favorite is the “+/-“ function. Disto Laser For AppraisersThis feature simply allows the users to continue to add to the measurement or to deduct from a prior measurement. It’s fitting when there isn’t an object to bounce the laser off of. For this reason, this feature avoids the need to grab a laser target.


Also, the ability to get a true horizontal measurement is great. Many higher end laser measures incorporate this. I use this feature as a default when measuring. As you can see here, I shot at a target 17.65 degrees from level for a total distance of 9.22′ which equals a horizontal distance of 8.79′. This is perfect for hitting gutter ends, window overhangs and any extrusion that you can bounce the laser off of.

Check the prices online. You will find that the D810 is the most expensive laser out there however for the camera and the lithium ion batteries, I strongly recommend it. If you are seeking to get a more affordable laser, the Bosch Blaze GLM50C along with the Leica Disto E7100 are very affordable quality lasers. Both have a max distance of 100′ which is good enough for most residential properties however both require AAA batteries and lack many features. If you are not within a particularly sunny area, then the red dot is easily seen with these baseline laser measures

Top 4 Laser Measures For Appraisers

  1. : Disto D810 – 1st Place Recommendation Due to Camera and Recharging batteries
  2. : Disto E7500i – Next best due to camera
  3. : Bosch Blaze GLCM50C – Slightly more functionality that the E7100 – affordable
  4. : Disto E7100 – Sleek and affordable.

Now that you have the tool that cuts measuring time in half, please see our guide on the essential tools for appraisers to carry daily. There are more helpful tools and tips in helping become a more efficient appraiser.

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