Tether Your Laser Measure To Yourself

Fortunately when I had lost my first laser measure, it was a relatively inexpensive one. However, losing the laser set the rest of my day of for failure. I spent time driving back to the subject (vacant property) and traced my steps, but no luck. All that wasted time and a loss of a $50 laser measure. The rest of the month I was relegated into  using a tape measure the rest of the month. Trust me, if you are used to using laser, this is a brutal experience. I didn’t make another purchase on a laser until much later on when I was certified. When I finally sprung for a laser measure, I did go with the Disto D810 because of the camera and the rechargeable batteries. It may not seem worth the cost compared to lower end Distos but with a camera on the Disto, measuring couldn’t be easier.

Anyhow, when purchasing, I followed up with a tether for my Disto. I have used quite a few and honestly the tether brand doesnt matter much. The main thing to remember is making sure you can secure it to your tool / utility belt.

Not only are you likely to lose  your Disto if its not attached to you but you want to make sure the tether has been sized for a potential drop. When I set up my tool belt, I measured (roughly) a shin length so that if it dropped, the laser measure would be unscathed. So long as you size your tether and USE the tether (preferably secured to your work belt), you should not have any issues ever losing your laser measure on appraisal inspections. There are fancier tethers that retract that look appealing, however I have not had experiences with those.  We don’t intent to break or lose these laser measures but accidents are inevitable. Lets minimize the risk. After all, isn’t that what


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