Best Pen for Cold Weather

Best Pen For Cold Weather 

If you are in the southern states, writing outside in the cold weather isn’t a thought in your mind however as a New Englander, selecting the best pen for cold weather is a necessity. It sounds like small things to fret about but while I do consider myself to be a mobile appraiser (use my smart phone on inspections), portions of my inspection are still conducted on clipboard. writing in freezing temperatures can be a pain.

Completing any type of field work in sub-freezing temperatures can be an unpleasant experience. Having an uncooperative pen doesn’t help the situation and should be the least of concerns. Sure pencils can do the trick but if you’re someone who prefers to write in ink, then the pencil pales in comparison. Go with gel pens folks. 

A basic retractable gel pen has helped in the winter and do well if you get rainwater on your inspection sheet. Small advice here but writing in cold weather has changed for myself with the use of gel pens. They write bold in any climate and dont have a “runny” look on paper when it rains.