Appraiser School

What is appraiser school? 

Depending on the state will determine if you are allowed to take QE (qualifying education) online. My state did not allow for online QE so in the beginning, the requirement was to take courses at a physical location. Check on the appraiser requirements with your state if you are unsure. 

There may not be an official Appraiser School in your area. Due to the limited market for such a specific field, most appraiser schools are either coupled with real estate courses (sales) or hosted at a nearby hotel by a larger appraisal education group such as the Appraisal Institute. 

Having taken the courses in-person at an appraisal school, I felt it was worth the added travel time and cost to complete them in person. Especially in the beginning, you will have questions that you will want answered by a knowledgeable and experienced individual. Signing up for a local course is the best way to decide if this is the right career path for you. 

Taking USPAP updates can be done online and in person. These are still good to take on person so you can ask those questions that you may have. While questions can be asked online, the uspap is courses are topics you won’t want to miss and being in a classroom setting tends to provide more focus than an online setting. 

CE (Continuing Education) courses are required by all states and have so many hours required prior to each license renewal. These are great courses to take online McKissock is a personal recommendation. They are one of the larger online appraisal schools. The benefit of working with McKissock is that they have a transcript which makes it easy to review when you fill your license renewal. The last thing you need to worry about is tracking where, when you did all your courses when applying for licensure or renewal. McKissock has certificates, transcripts all provided within one central location. 

The best education you are going to receive is actually working in the field. So seeking out a mentor and working on assignments will generate practical questions you have on the profession. There are grate forums and communities online that provide guidance and are helpful resources for questions and inquiries. If there isnt an appraisal school near you, they can usually be found under real estate schools.