Best Disposable Shoe Covers

Best Disposable Shoe Covers


The Bottom line: You are entering a client or borrowers home. Even if your shoes are immaculate, it may be considered disrespectful with some cultures to walk about the interior of their home with shoes on. Many appraiser’s are often self employed so they are not necessarily mandated by a company to wear them. Some clients advise them but in our opinion, it should be mandatory.
This is a profession that people should view as appraisers being professionals. Having someone just enter a home without taking their shoes off is simply rude to say the least. There are many blue collar jobs that do wear shoe covers. That tells you something when blue collar professions are doing such.

Cheapest Disposable Shoe covers

Disposable shoe covers can be very inexpensive and leave immeasurable amounts of first impression credit with the homeowner. Because they are single use, buying in bulk goes a long way (most are less than 10.00 for a 100 pack).  You do want to make sure you are getting a non sliding or slip resistant cover. Otherwise, you will undoubtedly take a tumble in the home. Shoe covers really go beyond good business practice simply by displaying the reverence you are giving to the homeowner for being so considerate.

Do not consider taking your shoes off. It may be that the homeowner feels pressured to be appeasing. Its better to just use covers. Even if you have clean socks, you never know the perception of the homeowner. Shoe covers for contractors are becoming a norm these days. Even though the shoe covers are not recommended for COVID-19, society is experiencing a heightened awareness for the communication of germs. The practice of wearing a shoe covers is growing.

The alternative to using disposable shoe covers is a reusable cover. While we do not recommend them as the disposable shoe covers are fairly inexpensive, Reusable shoe or boot covers for appraisers is far better than taking off your shoes or boots or leaving them on. If you are an appraiser who wears boots, you will need to be mindful of the size of the shoe cover.
These covers are more rugged but the concept of reusing them can be quite eerie when you consider the homes you are entering on a daily basis. If that is not a concern for you then consider reusable shoe covers.

Whether you are or are not a germ fearing individual, do your clients and borrowers a huge favor by exhibiting the professionalism we should all have. Wear shoe covers always when entering a home. The only time that may not be true is on an REO style property where clearly shoe covers are not needed. New construction is something to consider as well. Often these new construction homes do not have grass grown yet so when inspecting the property, you will likely encounter mud and dirt. The reusable boot covers are a perfect solution for these types of jobs so its always a good idea to have at least one pair available.

Please wear shoe covers for home inspections. Elevate the profession by doing your part.