Best Sunglasses For Outdoor Work

Best Sunglasses For Outdoor Work

Home appraisers, contractors, home inspectors and more spend a portion of their work day (some spend most of the day) outdoors. While many of us like the outdoors, sunlight can cause eye damage. If you are not concerned with eye damage, you still have to worry about those crow’s feet! Often we will catch ourselves squinting on the job due to the overbearing sun. 

What Are The Best Sunglasses for Outdoor Work?

The short answer is either polarized or photochromic. 

Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses blocks glare from the sun and provides good protection against the harmful UV rays. Especially during the summer and on sunny days throughout the year (including the winter due to the glare from the sun and ice), polarized lens sunglasses are a very good choice in protecting your eyes while also increasing your outdoor vision. While they are currently in demand, the Rayban Chromance sunglasses are a heavy favorite.

They come only polarized but they offer a truly clear and bright outlook! If they are too pricey, there are several similar styles, but the polarized lens is key to have so no matter what, make sure its polarized.

Photochromic Sunglasses

Now photochromic are sometimes called “transition lenses” as they are clear and will get darker with the light. These are more suitable for appraisers or home inspectors that do not want the sunglasses to not be so dark when entering a home. Photochromic sunglasses for this reason are a good match for real estate appraisers as they do the transition right as you enter and exit the home. 

While Rayban and other name brands do offer Photochromic lens coverage, the generic styles are more professional looking in our opinion. Often the photochromic sunglasses are styled for active use and while working as an appraiser, maintaining a professional appeal is a necessity. 

Cover Your Naked Eyes

Either way you go, its more important more than ever to protect our bodies from UV rays. Sunglasses that fit your appraiser persona (style to fit your attire) are a key for maintaining a professional appeal and preserving our eye health. Dont complete another inspection without sunglasses. Cover up those eyes on the next job!