Best Ladder For Appraisers

It seems like these days, the job of a real estate appraiser requires you to check every inch of a property. You need to go high and low to inspect for property damages, molds and mildew, wiring issues, pipe problems, and so much more. Often a cursory walk through doesn’t show the hidden concerns. Many times a ladder can allow appraisers to dig deeper for a complete and accurate inspection. Finding the best ladders for appraisers will help it easier for you to do your job especially on VA and FHA inspections. 

Though there are different types of ladders in the market, here are some things that you need to keep in mind when buying ladders:

Make sure it fits in the back of your car

Since appraisers move around a lot, you might want to get something that can easily fit in the back of your car or vehicle. A nice telescopic ladder can do the trick. It can be folded to a good size and has a bag so it’s easy to carry and store.

Despite the small folding size, you need to make sure that you’ll choose a ladder long enough to reach the attic. Most ceiling heights are around 8′ so anything above that is perfect. Some telescopic ladders are small enough that they’re perfect in going into scuttles or attic openings like this one. Telescopic ladders are a highly recommended ladder due to its compactness and ease to carry. This can become especially good for properties with multiple stories and you need to do an attic photo

Select the perfect lightweight ladder

Small doesn’t always mean light. Since these ladders are made from different materials, as stated above, a perfect ladder is one that is light enough to bring yet sturdy enough to carry your weight.  This ladder provides weight less than 14 pounds and gives ease of access to scuttles. 

You need to be smart in choosing since you don’t want to end up carrying a heavy ladder all day and you don’t want to sacrifice your safety either. 

Choose no-pinch ladders

If you want to buy a telescopic ladder, you have to ensure that it is a “no-pinch” ladder. Some ladders get very compact where each run is on top of each other. If you are not careful, you will pinch your finger with the momentum of a ladder coming down on it (This is speaking from experience!). The recommendation is getting a ladder that has gaps in between each step so that it does not pinch or catch your finger. If you decide on an alternative ladder, make sure to inspect each run and confirm there is a space in between each so that your finger will not get pinched. 

Go for the sturdy types of ladders

Since you’re going to use the ladder for inspections daily, you need to ensure that it can withstand the test of time. The key ingredient here is to look for ladders that are made from high-quality materials like aluminum alloy.

Sturdy ladders also offer the highest level of safety. So you might want to consider this in buying your appraiser ladder and since we’re talking about safety, choose a ladder with safety lock buttons to ensure its stability. The telescopic ladders are very sturdy for daily use and they do lock in however some want a folding ladder that is sturdy to the ground. A ladder like the little giant ladder is very stable, sturdy and its not too heavy for lugging it around daily. 


The number one rule for appraisers is not to go cheap on ladders. However, you still need to make sure that the price meets the quality but there have been numerous occasions where appraisers have had accidents (primarily because of bad drop-ladders for attics) so it is important you are prepared with a ladder that feels comfortable supporting you.

Choosing the best ladders for appraisers can be a little bit tricky so you have to consider all your options. You need to meet the best of both worlds – portability and durability. Though durable telescopic ladders remain to be one of the top choices, a folding ladder can be more safe, its just a compromise on portability and ease of carrying.