Best Rain Poncho For Hot Weather

Best Rain Poncho For Hot Weather

Weather can be random. We may not always have an umbrella on hand. In those moments, we need to have a poncho on hand. Personally I have one buried in my work bag, but the benefit of these ponchos is that they can even be stored in your tool belt / utility belt or even in your clipboard if it has a storage compartment.

Rain Ponchos and Hot Weather

Rain ponchos are ideal for that clutch moment when the rain decides to fall. A clear and light weight poncho helps keep you remaining professional while staying dry. There is simply no need to purchase a thick poncho. It makes the professional appraiser or home inspector look like a possible intruder. A lightweight / clear poncho allows the homeowner to see who it is and what you are all about – keeping a professional persona.

Ponchos and Hot Weather

Undoubtedly, working in a poncho where temperatures can get hot require more breathability. Otherwise, sweat marks will be the lasting impression made on your client or homeowner. For this reason, while a clear poncho keeps your suit and professional appearance visible, there may be a reasonable concession to go with a poncho that drapes over the clothes allowing for more breathability. These honestly are not too imposing on appearance and work fine. As I am not within an area with extreme heat, the clear ponchos have been handy to have on hand and have saved me from a couple traveling thunderstorms. Don’t be a wet mess on your next assignment. Get covered!