How to Rainproof Your Clipboard

Rainproof Your Clipboard

Appraisers are notorious for carrying a clipboard on site to their subject property. Similarly, door salesmen, technicians, inspectors, and home service providers alike carry the clipboard for their inspection needs. A clipboard may seem like a relatively generic tool these professionals carry however the utility of a clipboard varies. The ruggedness obviously varies. The iconic standard clipboard is somewhat resilient however it is in no where comparison to the metal storage clipboards out today. Now while these clipboards do have the ability to store your work papers, inspection sheets etc., it doesn’t stop the rain from falling on the sheet you are currently writing on. That sheet that is clipped to the top inevitably gets all soggy after a day out in some sprinkling rain or downpour. There is two solutions provided for this:

Clipboard Covers to Prevent Destroyed Files

A PVC vinyl cover that is premade works very well for this. It looks very polished however to save even more money, the tip we would like to share to fellow appraisers is to use a clear table cloth cover. These covers are very inexpensive and take very little to cut to the right size. Whether you have a legal or letter sized clipboard, making the correct size is simple. Just grab a razor blad and ruler and cut the cover to the size and you have now achieved the perfect rainproof cover for your clipboard. These table cloth covers have a very thick feeling. Different brands range in thickness however 6 mil is the sweet spot. Its very thick which will last and has a good feel on the top of the clipboard. Get a cover for your work today. Nothing is worse than having soggy files in your manila folder. It looks messy and unprofessional. Achieving professionalism is done in small steps. While this isn’t going to make you an instant rock star real estate appraiser, it will be one more step in the right direction. Being taken serious and looking the part on the job (especially in inclement weather) is a must for real estate appraisers.